Robo Summer Camp

Engage in several activities this summer that are focused on robotics and programming, at the comfort of your home. This camp’s goal is for students to dive into the world of robotics while having fun. The students will be introduced to several topics such as robot mechanisms and programs through virtual robotics, machine learning and AI, 3d modelling, working with microcontrollers and more!

Camp Information

  • Date: July 4th – July 29th
  • Sunday - Thursday, 10 am – 12 pm
  • 9 years +

Week One:
Virtual Robotics with Vex VR
If you don’t have a physical robot at home, you can simulate one virtually. Simulate robots and its different mechanisms using block style coding or a Python interface. Understand different robot drivetrains, use of sensors, environment interaction, and more. Also extend your knowledge of using variables, retrieving and calculating information, understanding conditional statements and more!
Example projects: Maze solver, Basketball shootout, Fun with Colors, Cora l Reef Clea nup etc.

Week Two:
Machine Learning and AI with Pictoblox
Get introduced to basics of Machine Learning and AI through an easy, interactive and fun experience with graphical programming. Create models and train them to get smarter and smarter without any user human interaction. Concepts such as computer vision, face detection, optical character recognition, IOT, machining learning based on image, pose and audio etc. will be explored.
Example projects: Home Automation, AI Chatbot, Toy Recognizer etc.

Week Three:
3D Modelling with OnShape
Understand basic engineering principles through designing cars, airplanes, buildings, robots and more using 3D modelling principles. Convert your 2D drawing into a 3D design in no time using tools by OnShape. Learn about designing parts and assemblies based on creative solutions that help solve engineering design problems.
Example projects: Robot structures, Spaceships, Bridges etc.

Week Four:
Arduino Projects with TinkerCAD and a physical kit!
Learn how to design circuits using microcontrollers with Arduino. This includes basic connections, switches, pushbuttons, motor control, sensors etc. This will be done through virtual simulation on tools developed by Autodesk, and also At-Home Kits for students to get hands on experience at home.
Example projects: Motion sensing, Gate Automation, Traffic Lights etc.   

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