1 Year Robotics Course

    • Students : 10
    • Duration : 1h 30 minutes
    • Levels : All Level
    • Lectures : 8
    • Assignments : Yes
    • Certificate : Yes
    • Course Fee : 399


1 Year Robotics Course

Join our interactive course designed to engage children in creative learning experiences and computational thinking. This course is designed for students from grade 3 and above, to enhance their skills in science, engineering and technology, by taking their first step into the world of robotics.

Level 1:
Students get introduced to fundamentals of robotics, basic robot construction and programming using simple drag and drop commands. They build many creative projects using Lego Wedo 2.0, and dive right in to understand sensors, actuators, and programming logic with a more advanced, Lego Mindstorms EV3. Students also explore the world of animation and game design by using Scratch, which comes really handy in the later levels. All projects are theme based and bring in the real-world application aspect to the classroom.

Level 2:
This level majorly focuses on enhancing students programming skills using HTML and Python. Python being a language easy for students to grasp; learning it and understanding how it can integrate different systems efficiently, opens a door for them towards programming robots using Python, web development, IOT, AI and much more! Students further use their knowledge of Level 1, with the help of mechanical tools and principles, to build robots with Makeblock and program them for different scenarios.

Level 3:
Robotics training without basic knowledge of electronics is incomplete. Children are provided with hands-on activity with kits like, little bits, where they learn about current flow, potential difference, circuit design and more. Combining the skills and knowledge from the other 2 levels, students are trained and guided to build their own innovative robotics project using electronic components, microcontrollers; such as Arduino, 3D modelling and Additive manufacturing technologies.