Advanced Robotics Certified Program

    • Students : 10
    • Duration : 1h 30 minutes
    • Levels : All Level
    • Lectures : 8
    • Assignments : Yes
    • Certificate : Yes
    • Course Fee : Moderate


Advanced Robotics Certified Program:
This course is the next step to your child’s journey in robotics. The program is designed for students from grade 6 and above, to develop their knowledge and skill in robot design, programming and more! It is focused on using Python as the language to program robots, and further use microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi to build fun robotics projects!

Level 1:
Students start their journey of building robots by learning the programming language, Python, a language used by several leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and more! They learn about Python syntax and logic, which will help them program robots in the future. Design and manufacture is taught using 3D modelling and printing, with a mix of even understanding the kinematics and dynamics of robot systems!

Level 2:
This level dives into understanding how Python can control robots, using object oriented programming and the famous, LEGO Mindstorms as the learning tool to do so. No mechatronic system is complete without electronics. Students learn about making functional circuits using breadboards, cables, sensors and more!

Level 3:
“How do I know if all this helped me to build a robot on my own?” Yes! By building one. Students will bring out the creative genius in them, without using any kit or helping tool whatsoever. Students will learn the classic engineering design approach, by starting on paper and using the knowledge from the other levels for designing, simulating, manufacturing, assembling, programming, testing and running their own mobile robot!