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Effective classes and frequent revision has been very helpful for me and if it was not for these classes

and the help I got from my teachers, I would not be able to get an A in my IGCSE Math.

Asbah Asim

My son wouldn’t have been able to excel at his IGCSEs without the support and careful

attention from teachers at Plato’s Planet. Teachers made sure to provide resources specific

to his weak points to aid with his preparation.

Farhana Giffrey Rizwan

Plato’s Planet offers qualified tutors, helpful study material and unmatched support. I had 2 of the

hardest A Level subjects (Physics and Math) but Plato’s Planet made sure that I’m provided with

every necessary knowledge to give both the papers.

Faryal Zehra

My daughter went for camp this summer and she was very happy and had really good time.

Ashok Bansal

My son has really transformed in last 1 year he has been learning Robotics with Plato’s

Planet. His creativity and analytical skills have demonstrably gone up.

Richa Ratnam

My grades reflect at the hardwork the teachers at platos planet put into me, and guided me

throughout my O levels, they were very patient with me and my mistakes, so thankyou Platos planet

for helping me reach one step closer to my goals!

Ali Sarfraz

I am a student from Plato’s Planet and my name is Mayed Alhosani. I study English, Math and science. The institute provides a better subscription than you think. The teaching at the Center provides a focus that makes you do your work on time. I have also improved my grades in two months a lot. I strongly recommend his Center and the teachers are good.

Mayed Alhosani

Plato's Planet Training Centre was very instrumental in helping my daughter to prepare for her Grade 11. She thoroughly enjoyed attending and found the coaching very helpful and the support of the teachers and staff was very beneficial. I recommend them to anyone who's looking for great coaching for good price.

Gavin Rebello

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