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Are you looking for a top British curriculum study centre that supports your child's academic ability? Trust the region’s largest British Curriculum study centre.


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Why Choose Plato's Planet?

Looking for reliable tutors to get exam ready? One of the top study centre in UAE is here to help you.

Interactive Learning

Teaching according to the latest pattern

Outstanding Tutors and Guaranteed Results

Internationally qualified, experienced and screened tutors.

Subjects On Demand

Add on any subjects at any time on your package.

Customized Study Plans

Diagnostic assessments to understand student’s abilities and provide personalized lesson plans.

Flexible Timings

Flexible timings and e-tuition durations to suit your availability

Student-Tutor Resource Portal

Our students are set and graded on targeted tailored homework practice, past papers, assessments & assignments from our expert Tutors using specially developed portal.

Recorded Lessons

Recorded lessons for students to refer back to!

Parental Engagement

Parents are given constructive feedback from tutors.

Quick Sign Up and Response

Convenient, fast and reliable. Lessons at your fingertips.

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  • Students: 10
  • Duration: 1 and Half Hour / Class
  • Levels: All
  • Lectures: 8 / Month
  • Assignments: Yes
  • Certificate: Yes



Are you looking for a top British curriculum study center that fully engages your child and supports their academic ability?

Plato’s Planet provides a result-driven and flexible alternative to traditional schooling in the GCC. Plato’s Planet has over 7,000 enrolled students from 20 nationalities and offers a wide range of International GCSE and A-Level subjects for both part and full-time study. Our teachers, who are experts in their fields, are selected for their engagement, inspiration, and results with over 30,000 plus training hours. Our small, real-time classes are built for interaction and collaboration providing a more personalized learning experience both onsite and online. Our student results are outperforming the best international schools across the region. 92% was the average score for our students in the recent IGCSE exams. 80% of Plato’s Planet students achieved an A in the recent A-level exams. Whatever academic support your child needs, we are here for you!